5 Packing Tips For A Year Overseas

  1. Make a packing list
    This is one of the most important rules when it comes to packing your bags for that big OE your about to embark on. Not only can you tick it off to make sure your items are in your bag, it helps not to forget the important things like a toothbrush and underwear!
    I tend to either write up a list on my computer then print it off, or I use the iPhone app ‘Packing Pro’ – it’s been a major help in actually reminding me things I need to take or do, and you can check things off when you have placed it in your bag.
  2. Packing Cubes
    My saving grace – these are a recent discovery to me, but man do they make a difference in my packing. If your like me, after one minute of looking through your suitcase, it soon looks like a bomb as hit your bag and your clothing is everywhere. Packing Cubes are the ultimate travel organisers because they help you maximise the space in your bag so you can fit all your belongings in an organised and efficient way using minimal space.
  3. Facing Reality
    You know that dress you’ve had in your closet for almost 5 years now? the top that has been your favourite since you were 15 years old and you just can’t bring yourself to throw it away? It’s time to face reality, because these ‘precious’ items we have had since we can remember, wont be making it into your suitcase.
  4. 3 Month Rule
    If you haven’t worn it for more than three months, you most likely wont wear it while your away.
  5. If you can get it at your destination, don’t take it with you
    When it comes to things like toiletries, or your favourite shampoo and nail polish, you can most likely purchase the same items at your travel destination – this will save you loads of space and take off a few kilos from that heavy suitcase.

Published by

Kate Allan

A twenty-something girl from New Zealand who is eternally exploring wherever she is

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