Behind the Blog – Meet Chris from Wild Kiwi Adventurer

Hi I’m Chris from Wild Kiwi Adventurer. I grew up in the wilds of New Zealand in a place 2 days walk from the nearest road. My family is known as the most remote family in the country. I’m now a world traveller. How did that happen? Well from the moment I left home I never looked back. Everything was a new experience and I just wanted more. My first adventure was working on a Russian Ice Breaking ship in Antarctica and then next thing I was in London! My blog: WildKiwiAdventurer is my place to show my travels and lifestyle to the world and more recently I have been focusing on Vlogging on Youtube.  I love to inspire others to live the same sort of lifestyle that I am lucky to live.


Where are you based/located?

Gorge River, New Zealand is still my home. But for 8-10 months of the year home is where my backpack sits.

What first sparked your love for travel?

Growing up I always read and listened to stories of faraway places. When I was old enough to go myself there was nothing could stop me!

What are some of your favourite countries to visit?

Thailand, Philippines and China. It’s the incredibly welcoming people here that make me feel so at home in these countries. For Adventure I like Antarctica and the high Arctic. Places only accessible by boat or by working on remote research stations. Because it’s just so remote, wild and untouched. And there are Polar bears and penguins!

Are there any places you’d tell people to avoid?

There’s nowhere I would say don’t go. It all depends of your level of adventure and comfort zone.

What is your favourite memory that comes to mind when you think about your travels?

Sitting on the ice in Antarctica and having an Emperor penguin stand 30cm in front of me and gently peck my hand out of curiosity. Eye to eye. Second one is sitting in a small inflatable boat watching a young Polar Bear walk along the shore line in north Canada.

Any advice for new and aspiring travellers?

Don’t hesitate. Don’t worry. Once you make the choice to leave you will never regret it. Don’t get hung up on finer details, it will work its self out.

What destinations are on your bucket list?

Always Antarctica. So much to see there. The North Pole. Lake Baikal in Russia. Nepal. Palawan Island in the Philippines. Tibet. Patagonia.


Do you have any upcoming travel plans for 2019?

Currently I’m working as a field trainer in Antarctica for Antarctica New Zealand. After I finish my contract here I plan to travel from March to September. I would like to go to China, North Korea, Mongolia and Russia.

Do you research for your upcoming trips before visiting them?

Usually I start to research after I get to the place and find I don’t know anything about it!

What is your most favourite photograph that you have taken during your travels?

emperor penguin in antarctica

Which airline do you prefer to fly with?

The Cheapest one…… Or Air New Zealand if possible

Tell me your top travel quotes to inspire yourself or other travellers
“Live every day like it’s your last” “Never say no

lancaster sound (8)

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