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Isabel Leong Athens Greece

Hi! I’m Isabel and I am a freelance travel writer and travel blogger at Bel Around The World. I work full time at a digital agency specializing in social media.

Where are you based/located?


What first sparked your love for travel?

When I set off on a one-way ticket to Europe through my school’s international exchange. This program allows university students to do a semester of classes abroad in any host country.  Through exploring Europe on my own for 6 months, I’ve grown to love the idea of exploring the unknown and discovering new places.

Since then, I’ve only taken travelling in my own hands and begun seriously pursuing it, both with my blog and setting time and money aside to do it throughout the year.

What are some of your favorite countries to visit? 

I usually go for scenic destinations since I’m based in a city. My favourite city is New York, beach destination is Maldives, and the best place I’ve been for a road trip is New Zealand!

Are there any places you’d tell people to avoid?

Oh I don’t think any country should be avoided just because of certain stereotype – every place has something worth exploring and learning about!

What is your favourite memory that comes to mind when you think about your travels?

Discovering beautiful landscapes that I never would have thought exist in the world until I saw it in my own eyes, like in New Zealand.

Any advice for new and aspiring travellers?

Yes! One of it is to be bold and never do anything (or the lack of) you would regret – you may only have that one chance to visit a place or try something foreign. More tips for first time travellers in this post: 10 Tips For New Travellers.

Mount Titlis, Switzerland

What destinations are on your bucket list?

I recently checked off Maldives (hurray to that!). Next would be Africa to see the safari, Fiji for the beaches, Nepal for the great Himalayan trek and Arizona’s Grand Canyon!

Do you have any upcoming travel plans for 2019?

Next stop is Bhutan in South Asia

Do you reasearch for your upcoming trips before visiting them?

Yes, sufficiently so!

What is your most favourite photograph that you have taken during your travels?


Which airline do you prefer to fly with?

I am easy with the type of airlines as long as it makes it affordable to get to one place. I guess budget airlines are my best friends!

Tell me your top travel quotes to inspire yourself or other travellers.

I love inspiring quotes. One of which is “The world owes you nothing. The world has given you everything you need.”
More inspiring ones can be found on my Instagram @belardtheworld! 

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