Cathedral Cove, Coromandel, New Zealand

After living overseas for a few years, I have come to appreciate my home country so much more. Don’t get me wrong – I have visited some beautiful places, but I think when you grow up somewhere you don’t really see it as a paradise but more an every day thing. A few weeks ago,Continue reading “Cathedral Cove, Coromandel, New Zealand”

Venice Beach, Los Angeles

The first thing I noticed when we arrived in Venice, was the extravagant colours. On the main promenade down by the beach, most of the buildings are screaming out for customers with vibrant colours. Venice is known for the many performers that feature on the boardwalk. I happened to come across a dance/breakdancing performance byContinue reading “Venice Beach, Los Angeles”

Huntington Beach, California

This town is so beautiful. My first day to myself – I decided to bike around and explore Huntington Beach. Having been told Main St was a good place to go, I chose to go there first. Main Street is the ‘main street’ going towards the beach from inland. It is filled with shops onContinue reading “Huntington Beach, California”