How to get an Italian Working Holiday Visa as a New Zealander



The Country of pizza, art, history, aperol spritz, gelato, sunshine and love. A place that everyone dreams of visiting one day.

What better chance to see this beautiful country, than spending 365 days immersed in their culture & language?

Fortunately for us New Zealanders, a Working Holiday Visa Agreement was signed between Italy and NZ in 2001, allowing New Zealanders between the age of 18-30 to live in Italy for one year, with the ability to work for a total of 6 months (no more than 3 months with each employer).

I have written a guide below on how to apply for an Italian Working Holiday Visa. If you are intending on applying for an Italian Working Holiday Visa yourself – I hope these steps help, as I wish I had something like this to follow when I was applying for mine 🙂   *Please do note this is purely based on my experience 



A full list of the requirements can be found on the Embassy of Italy in Wellington website.

The applicant must

  • Be a New Zealand citizen resident in New Zealand;
  • Satisfy the visa officer that his/her primary intention is to holiday in the Italian Republic, with employment being an incidental rather than a primary reason for the visit;
  • Be aged between 18 and 30 years inclusive at the time of application;
  • Not be accompanied by children;
  • The applicant must enter Italy within 3 months from the date of issue of the visa; if not, it will automatically expire and will no longer be able to be used.

General Requirements for all applicants:

  1. National Visa Application Form. Application must be signed in front of a Justice of the Peace (J.P). You can find more information on how to fill out this application form below.
  2. A passport size photograph
  3. Bank cheque (not personal cheque) payable to the Italian Embassy to cover the visa fee. This can be organised at your local bank. This fee can change from quarter to quarter. You can check the amount to be paid following this link. At the time of my application, the fee was NZD $191.
  4. Passport valid at least 90 days after the final departure from Italy.
  5. Prepaid self-addressed courier envelope with attached “Courier with Signature” label (to be purchased separately). For Rural deliveries please include also a “Rural Delivery label” (also purchased separately). This is for them to send your passport pack after sticking in the Visa.
  6. Certificate of insurance confirming full unlimited medical and hospital cover for the entire validity of the visa (or up to Euro 30.000). The travel insurance must to be bought for 365 days (from when you arrive in Italy) regardless the length of staying in Italy as the W/H Visa will be granted exactly for 365 days and multiple entries
    I purchased my insurance through World Nomads. This was the best option for me because I was actually spending a month in USA prior to my arrival date in Italy. Most insurance companies only offer 365 days from the date you leave your home country, and I needed to purchase more than this. World Nomads was great as it gave me the option to book as far in advance as needed to cover the 365 days in Italy.
  7. A credit card/bank statement in your name showing the amount of NZD $5500 or an international bank draft made payable to the applicant in Euro for the equivalent of NZD $5500. Please add an extra NZ$ 1000.00 if return ticket has not been purchased.
    I purchased a one way ticket so I needed proof of NZ$6500 in my bank account. At my bank (Westpac), I asked for them to print a copy of my bank account with the available funds visible. They then were able to stamp and sign this as an official document.
  8. Travel itinerary/copy of airline ticket showing the point of entry in Italy
    I Caught a train from Paris to Milan and then a train from Milan to Florence. I printed a copy of all these bookings and put them in order of date and highlighted dates.
  9. Confirmation of hotel reservations or of alternative accomodation with addresses. You must provide confirmation of accomodation from the date you arrive in Italy and for approximately the first 10 days you are in Italy.
    I booked a Hostel for my first week in Florence, and then had an Airbnb booked after the Hostel. I wasn’t able to book the Airbnb early enough as it wasn’t available.  For these, I printed my email confirmations and highlighted the dates.
  10. The flight from NZ to Italy. The Italian Embassy in NZ states they can only accept flights direct to Italy and not to other countries in the Schengen Area. This means as soon as you arrive in Europe, you must go straight to Italy and not spend a few days in another country before arriving.
    I flew from Auckland to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to New York, New York to Paris, Caught a train from Paris to Milan and then a train from Milan to Florence. I printed a copy of all these bookings and put them in order of date and highlighted dates.
    A one way fly ticket can be bought (this is what I did), as long as the applicant has sufficient funds. In this case, a bank statement with at least NZD $6,500 must be presented to the Visa office.


National Visa Application Form

  1. Surname
  2. Surname at birth (If different)
  3. First name and middle name
  4. Date of birth
  5. Place of birth
  6. Country of birth
  7. Current Nationality/Nationality at birth (If different)
  8. Sex (M/F)
  9. Marital Satus
  10. Skip if over 18
  11. National Identity Number (I left this blank)
  12. Type of travel document
  13. Passport Number
  14. Issue date of Passport
  15. Expiry date of Passport
  16. Who the passport was issued by
  17. Home address, email address and telephone number
  18. Skip if only a resident in NZ and not another country also
  19. Current occupation
  20. Employer and employers address
  21. Main purpose of journey – I selected other and wrote Tourism
  22. City of destination – This will be your city of choice for your arrival in Italy. Mine was Florence.
  23. Member state of first entry – Specify the country where you will be entering the Schengen area. I flew from New York to Paris, so I put France as my Member State.
  24. Number of entries required – select multiple entries
  25. Duration of intended stay – write 365
  26. Skip if you have not been issues any Schengen visas in the past 3 years
  27. Skip if skipped #26
  28. n/a
  29. Intended arrival date in Schengen Zone
  30. Intended departure date from the Schengen Zone
  31. n/a
  32. n/a
  33. Cost of travelling and living is covered during stay – I just wrote yes
    Tick by the applicant himself/herself and tick your means of support – Mine were cash, prepaid accomodation and credit card
  34. n/a if you don’t have a family member in the EU
  35. n/a if you don’t have a family member in the EU
  36. Place and date *** Please wait to do this until you have a Justice of Peace present as it must be signed in front of them
  37. Signature*** Please wait to do this until you have a Justice of Peace present as it must be signed in front of them

Once you have filled out the application and triple checked it to make sure all the information is correct, find a local Justice of Peace so you can sign your application.

I have completed all the requirements – Now what?


By now you should have all of the requirements to be eligible for the Working Holiday Visa. If it is 3 months or under until your departure date, you can send everything to the Italian Embassy. Make sure you photocopy everything before you post it. I put all my documents etc in order of the requirements on the Embassy’s Website. I also made a table of contents and added sticky notes to mark each section. (Anything you can do to make the Embassy’s job easier will help things work in your favour).

Embassy of Italy
34-38 Grant Road,
Wellington, 6011,
New Zealand

Good luck!! Please don’t hesitate to ask for help if you have any questions regarding your visa application. They say the process time takes up to 15 days but I received my passport back with the Visa after 3 days. Please let me know how you get on with your visa in the comments 🙂

Please keep in mind that once you arrive in Italy you will have to apply for a Permesso di soggiorno (Residence Permit). This process can take up to 6 months. Without this residence permit you cannot open a bank account. Fortunately a receipt of application is valid enough for work (if needed). The application for the Permesso di soggiorno is a whole nother process and I found this much harder than the application for the visa. I will write some advice on how to apply for this in another post.





Piazzale Michelangelo – Florence

Piazzale Michelangelo is definitely worth all the hype. Just a short walk up hill (yes uphill, but trust me it’s worth it!), here you can get panoramic views of Florence and most of it’s spectacular monuments. Piazzale Michelangelo is also a great spot to watch the sunset – grab a bottle of wine, pizza, and take a seat on the steps to watch the sun go down.


Behind the Blog – Meet Isabel from Bel Around The World

Isabel Leong Athens Greece

Hi! I’m Isabel and I am a freelance travel writer and travel blogger at Bel Around The World. I work full time at a digital agency specializing in social media.

Where are you based/located?


What first sparked your love for travel?

When I set off on a one-way ticket to Europe through my school’s international exchange. This program allows university students to do a semester of classes abroad in any host country.  Through exploring Europe on my own for 6 months, I’ve grown to love the idea of exploring the unknown and discovering new places.

Since then, I’ve only taken travelling in my own hands and begun seriously pursuing it, both with my blog and setting time and money aside to do it throughout the year.

What are some of your favorite countries to visit? 

I usually go for scenic destinations since I’m based in a city. My favourite city is New York, beach destination is Maldives, and the best place I’ve been for a road trip is New Zealand!

Are there any places you’d tell people to avoid?

Oh I don’t think any country should be avoided just because of certain stereotype – every place has something worth exploring and learning about!

What is your favourite memory that comes to mind when you think about your travels?

Discovering beautiful landscapes that I never would have thought exist in the world until I saw it in my own eyes, like in New Zealand.

Any advice for new and aspiring travellers?

Yes! One of it is to be bold and never do anything (or the lack of) you would regret – you may only have that one chance to visit a place or try something foreign. More tips for first time travellers in this post: 10 Tips For New Travellers.

Mount Titlis, Switzerland

What destinations are on your bucket list?

I recently checked off Maldives (hurray to that!). Next would be Africa to see the safari, Fiji for the beaches, Nepal for the great Himalayan trek and Arizona’s Grand Canyon!

Do you have any upcoming travel plans for 2019?

Next stop is Bhutan in South Asia

Do you reasearch for your upcoming trips before visiting them?

Yes, sufficiently so!

What is your most favourite photograph that you have taken during your travels?


Which airline do you prefer to fly with?

I am easy with the type of airlines as long as it makes it affordable to get to one place. I guess budget airlines are my best friends!

Tell me your top travel quotes to inspire yourself or other travellers.

I love inspiring quotes. One of which is “The world owes you nothing. The world has given you everything you need.”
More inspiring ones can be found on my Instagram @belardtheworld! 

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 8.26.50 PM
Social Media:

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What to Eat, See and Do in the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand

The Coromandel Peninsula – A slice of Heaven on Earth!

If any of you have grown up in New Zealand, you will understand what I mean when I say we are so lucky to have so many spectacular places right at the tip of our fingers.
One of my favourite regions being the Coromandel Peninsula in the North Island.

The Coromandel is renowned for it’s picturesque beaches, native forests and ample outdoor activities.

The perfect time to visit the Coromandel, is around the end of January/beginning of February. The Christmas and New Year period is extremely busy due to it being the school/work/ and university summer holidays. I would recommend not going during this time.

Hahei, Hot Water Beach, Whitianga or Cooks Beach are good locations to use as your base. You’ll need at least 4-6 days in this area depending how tightly you want to squeeze in all your destinations. All of these spots have a holiday park/camping site.
You can also look at Book A Bach for accomodation.

screen shot 2019-01-21 at 6.14.06 pm


Hotties Beachfront Eatery // Hot Water Beach // 29 Pye Pl,  3591

Mercury Bay Estate // Cooks Beach // 761 Purangi Rd,  3591

Poivre et Sel // Whitianga // 2 Mill Rd, 3510

Flock // Tairua // 227 Main Rd, 3508

Lukes Kitchen and Cafe // Kuaotunu // 20 Black Jack Rd, 3592

Go Vino // Cooks Beach // 19 Captain Cook Rd, 3591

The Vessel // Cooks Beach // 37 Captain Cook Rd,  3591

Eggsentric // Flaxmill Bay // 1049 Purangi Rd,  3591

Salt // Whitianga // 1 Blacksmith Ln,  3510

Mercury Bay Estate

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHottie’s Beachfront Eatery



  • Pauanui
  • Tairua
  • Hot Water Beach
  • Hahei
  • Cathedral Cove
  • Cooks Beach
  • Whitianga
  • Opito Bay
  • Otama Beach
  • Kuaotunu
  • New Chums Beach
  • Matarangi
  • Waikawau


The Lost Spring // The perfect place for relaxation is at these Natural Thermal hot pools and Day Spa. The springs were thought to be lost (hence the name) but were rediscovered in 1989.

Banana Boat Whitianga // Experience a state of the art water craft that skims through the water at speeds of up to 40 km/h. They customise the ride to suit all ages.

Scenic Flight // Take in the beauty of the Coromandel Peninsula from above, with the awesome range of itineraries that ‘Fly Stark’ has available.

Kayak Tour // Modern sea kayaking with qualified guides guarantees you will have an amazing experience every time.  Their Cathedral Cove tour offers great photo opportunities and are topped off with cappuccinos, hot chocolates and cookies at Cathedral Cove!

Dig holes for Natural Hot Springs // Head to one of New Zealand’s most famous beaches, Hot Water Beach, where a patch of thermal water is bubbling just beneath the surface of the sand. Plan your trip to dig your own hot pool two hours either side of low tide.

Hahei Explorer (Boat Tour) // An hour long boat tour that takes visitors into coastal islands of the marine reserve, reefs, massive sea caves and bays, including the world famous Cathedral Cove.

Cathedral Cove Dive and Snorkel // They offer Scuba Diving & Snorkelling trips both within the stunning Marine Reserve plus the outer islands, pinnacles and volcanic coastline outside of the Marine Reserve boundaries.

Hike the Pinnacles // The Pinnacles Walk follows the original steps constructed for packhorses which carried supplies for kauri loggers, gum diggers and gold miners who plundered the area in the early 1900’s. Atop the Pinnacles, you’ll find the most spectacular panoramic views of the coast.



Behind the Blog – Meet Chris from Wild Kiwi Adventurer

Hi I’m Chris from Wild Kiwi Adventurer. I grew up in the wilds of New Zealand in a place 2 days walk from the nearest road. My family is known as the most remote family in the country. I’m now a world traveller. How did that happen? Well from the moment I left home I never looked back. Everything was a new experience and I just wanted more. My first adventure was working on a Russian Ice Breaking ship in Antarctica and then next thing I was in London! My blog: WildKiwiAdventurer is my place to show my travels and lifestyle to the world and more recently I have been focusing on Vlogging on Youtube.  I love to inspire others to live the same sort of lifestyle that I am lucky to live.


Where are you based/located?

Gorge River, New Zealand is still my home. But for 8-10 months of the year home is where my backpack sits.

What first sparked your love for travel?

Growing up I always read and listened to stories of faraway places. When I was old enough to go myself there was nothing could stop me!

What are some of your favourite countries to visit?

Thailand, Philippines and China. It’s the incredibly welcoming people here that make me feel so at home in these countries. For Adventure I like Antarctica and the high Arctic. Places only accessible by boat or by working on remote research stations. Because it’s just so remote, wild and untouched. And there are Polar bears and penguins!

Are there any places you’d tell people to avoid?

There’s nowhere I would say don’t go. It all depends of your level of adventure and comfort zone.

What is your favourite memory that comes to mind when you think about your travels?

Sitting on the ice in Antarctica and having an Emperor penguin stand 30cm in front of me and gently peck my hand out of curiosity. Eye to eye. Second one is sitting in a small inflatable boat watching a young Polar Bear walk along the shore line in north Canada.

Any advice for new and aspiring travellers?

Don’t hesitate. Don’t worry. Once you make the choice to leave you will never regret it. Don’t get hung up on finer details, it will work its self out.

What destinations are on your bucket list?

Always Antarctica. So much to see there. The North Pole. Lake Baikal in Russia. Nepal. Palawan Island in the Philippines. Tibet. Patagonia.


Do you have any upcoming travel plans for 2019?

Currently I’m working as a field trainer in Antarctica for Antarctica New Zealand. After I finish my contract here I plan to travel from March to September. I would like to go to China, North Korea, Mongolia and Russia.

Do you research for your upcoming trips before visiting them?

Usually I start to research after I get to the place and find I don’t know anything about it!

What is your most favourite photograph that you have taken during your travels?

emperor penguin in antarctica

Which airline do you prefer to fly with?

The Cheapest one…… Or Air New Zealand if possible

Tell me your top travel quotes to inspire yourself or other travellers
“Live every day like it’s your last” “Never say no

lancaster sound (8)

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My Favourite YouTubers to watch for Travel Inspiration in 2019

YouTube has become a world-wide phenomenon where thousands of people, everyday, share videos about anything and everything. It has become increasingly popular for travel videos and vlogs.

Whether you’re wanting advice on what to pack for a certain destination, the perfect spots to visit in a city, or some wanderlust itinerary for future trips, you can find it on YouTube.

But it’s difficult to find the truly useful and inspiring amongst the many that are posted every day. Here is my list of favourite Travel YouTube Channels and Vloggers to encourage you to Travel the World in 2019!


Kara and Nate –
These two are husband and wife from Nashville, Tennessee. They left in 2016 to take a year off. Almost 3 years later they are still travelling the World, planning to travel to 100 countries by 2020.


Flying the Nest –
Jess and Stephen have been documenting their life ever since leaving Australia. They are now travelling full-time around the globe. Their goal is to inspire others to venture out, explore, take risks and go on their own adventures.


Lost LeBlanc –
Christian quit his job in the corporate world to whole-heartedly pursue his passion for creating films and sharing the world with others.


Ash Owens –
Ash is a lover of all things creative and is passionate about travel. She loves to take you along on her travels whether its visiting somewhere in her home country of New Zealand, or an epic trip overseas.


RayaWasHere –
Raya has created a community that instills passion and inspiration about travel, culture, adventure, self growth and self love.


Hey Nadine –
Nadine is your “go to” for any travel hacks, tips and advice. Her travel knowledge is impressive and her passion for travel is contagious. She creates videos to teach and inspire others to follow their dreams.


Antoine Janssens –
Antoine is a self-taught photographer, filmmaker, artist and explorer. He loves to share the beauty of our planet through his amazing cinematography with his viewers. Such a delight to watch.


Girl vs Globe –
Sabina has a serious case of wanderlust. As a result she travels a lot, promising to take you all along with her to exotic locations.


Polkadot Passport –
Follow Nicola around the world as she searches for the most unique, bucket-list worthy destinations.


Hopscotch the Globe –
Kristen and Siya are professional adventurers traveling the world full-time and living life on their own terms. Their channel is loaded with videos to help you try become a better traveler.


Cup of TJ –
If you’re looking for any sort of food inspiration to try while traveling, you must check out TJ’s Channel. She documents herself trying all sorts of bizarre and crazy local foods. This channel is all about the food – with a touch of comedy.


I hope these YouTubers bring you lots of travel inspiration! 🙂

Let me know in the comments who your favourite Travel YouTubers/Vloggers are!

Photo Diary – Bora Bora, French Polynesia


Behind the Blog – Meet Trisa from The Free Passport

Hi! I’m Trisa – 28 year old serial wanderluster, self-taught photographer and creator of the travel blog, The Free Passport. I’m a global health advocate by training, currently working for a global HIV/AIDS organisation – but my true calling lies in visual storytelling. I launched my blog in 2014, originally as a personal place to showcase my pictures. I had hundreds of photos just sitting on my hard drive doing nothing, and the world is too beautiful of a place for pictures of it to be sitting and doing nothing! Two years later, it has since evolved into so much more than I had originally thought was possible. I love the space for exactly what it is – the intersection between my passion for photography, travel and global consciousness. I also love it for what it represents. It is the result of the current chapter of my life. The chapter where I had to rediscover myself in the absence of the things that once defined me. And I couldn’t be more proud of it.


Where are you based/located?

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in Los Angeles, California, I now live and work in New York City.

What first sparked your love for travel?

I actually didn’t really enjoy traveling when I was younger – I’m not really sure why. But as I started to branch into the field of global health and international development, I began to really appreciate how truly amazing the world is and how you can’t take for granted opportunities you have to see it.

What are some of your favourite countries to visit?

There so many it’s hard to choose! Italy and Greece are two of my all-time favourites but I’m constantly updating my bucket list with new places so I’m sure I have dozen of ‘favourites’ yet to be discovered!


Are there any places you’d tell people to avoid?

My work takes me to some interesting places – places that I wouldn’t necessary recommend, as they aren’t your typical ‘tourist’ destinations. But every place has something special to share and I think each traveller has to make their own decisions!

What destinations are on your bucket list?

Peru! Sri Lanka! Maldives! The list goes on and on..

Do you have any upcoming travel plans for 2017?

Yes! Actually a few days ago my partner-in-crime and I booked our flights for a five-week adventure in Southeast Asia – Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. If anyone as any tips, please share! It’ll be my first time in the region and I’m so excited!


Do you do any research for your upcoming trips before visiting them?

Absolutely. I admit I’m a type-A planner, though I’m working on being more flexible and go-with-the-flow – because if you’ve ever travelled, you know that things don’t always go as planned! Google Flights, Kayak, and TripAdvisor are my go-to’s for travel planning. I also always buy a travel guide to have with me throughout. I enjoy reading the different recommendations and it comes in handy when you don’t have access to internet or for reading during long flights/bus rides.

What is your favourite memory that comes to mind when you think about your travels? / What is your most favourite photograph that you have taken during your travels?

 There are so many! But some of my favourites would have to be from the Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre, and this one taken at the top of Trolltunga in Norway.


I did the hike to Trolltunga with my parents – who weren’t in the best shape (haha). It took us nearly 11 hours to do the 22km roundtrip but it was worth every minute of the view from the top. I was so proud of them!!

Which airline do you prefer to fly with?

No one airline company is perfect but I try to build loyalty those that prioritise their corporate social responsibility.

Tell me your top travel quotes to inspire yourself or other travellers / Any advice for new and aspiring travellers?

Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. That’s my favourite quote and the mantra I live by. Never be afraid to see more of the world. That may seem easier said than done, given that are very real logistical and financial implications to traveling, right? But in the end, making your dreams a reality will always be worth the investment.

Social Media:

Behind the Blog – Meet Louise from Captured to Share

My name is Louise Brady, a 25 year old Travel Blogger from Sydney. In 2014, I quit my job and moved over to London on a one-way ticket. After a year abroad, travelling Europe and working for a high profile family in London, I wanted to create a creative space to share my stories, photography and life updates with family and friends. Thus, Captured to Share was born.


Where are you based/located?

From Sydney to London and now the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. We are currently running the blog part time from our new home on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

What first sparked your love for travel?

I have definitely always been an admirer of natural beauty. I can almost pin point the very moment my love for travel was awoken. It came with the purchase of an Italy photography book. I am sure I wore the pages thin, flicking through them several times a day and daydreaming about the many places I wanted to visit. At 16, I travelled to Italy with my grandmother, which confirmed my love for the beautiful country. At 22 I embarked on a four-month trip around Europe, which I suppose is the moment, I fully understood the impact of travel and silently vowed to peruse a life of it.

What are some of your favourite countries to visit? 

Barcelona in Spain is somewhere I find myself returning to with each European adventure. I love the culture, architecture and summer vibes. I am a HUGE fan of Italy, as you may have read above. Croatia was another place that stole my heart in Europe Bali is my go-to mini getaway.

Are there any places you’d tell people to avoid?

This is hard because I found every place I visited to be meaningful. I suppose my least favourite city would have to be Darwin in Australia. There are amazing National Parks in the NT itself but I didn’t enjoy Darwin as much as I have other locations.

What is your favourite memory that comes to mind when you think about your travels?

The past three years have been a whirl wind of adventures, new experiences and new cities but every time I think back on the journey, I think of the tour around Europe in which I met my now boyfriend. Yes, I actually fell in love on TopDeck. 40 strangers boarded the bus in London and made our way around 6 different European countries over 17 days. I spent the 12-hour buses rides seated next to an Australian guy from Adelaide. We spoke the entire 12 hours every time we moved between countries. Our last stop was in Paris. We caught the Eiffel tower light up at midnight and as I turned around wondering where he had disappeared too, I found him standing with a rose. Nawwwwww. Three years later and we are still exploring the world together, and on occasion, he still buys me flowers.


Any advice for new and aspiring travellers?

Be present. It is so easy to miss the moment by being caught up with people, technology and thinking about tomorrow. My favourite travel memories have been experienced alone, in silence, consumed by nature. Travel has a way of demanding your full attention, especially when visiting a place for the first time. Don’t miss those magical moments.

What destinations are on your bucket list?

I think it is a shorter list to highlight where I do not want to go. Basically everywhere. To name a few – Sahara Desert – India (I really want to see the Taj Mahal) – All of South America – Alaska

Do you have any upcoming travel plans for 2017?

We have just returned from a trip to Bali, Indonesia and I am leaving for London in a weeks time (feb 5). From London I am flying to Switzerland and may make a pit stop in Paris for a day or two. Other than that, we are really focusing on exploring more of Australia. I still haven’t been to the Great Barrier Reef. Hamilton Island and Fraser Island. Those locations are top of my list for 2017.

Do you do research for your upcoming trips before visiting them?

Yes. I like to check out local tourism websites and see what they recommend doing. I also read a few articles from fellow bloggers experiences. I think its important to have a balance of planning and spontaneity. You want to make sure you research the important things like countries religion and laws, as well as a few things of interest. I always research national parks and breakfast spots.

What is your most favourite photograph that you have taken during your travels?


Posintano by Jay Foy (aka boyfriend)

Which airline do you prefer to fly with?

When we lived in London we would fly with the cheapest possible option- this was mostly Ryan Air. In Australia, we opt for Jet Star or Tiger Air (again, because they’re cheap). These days, I generally fly with Emirates for long haul flights but if we are on a budget, we will fly with anyone. Seriously… one time there was ash trays on board and no in flight entertainment

Tell me your top travel quotes to inspire yourself or other travellers

I am a big Eckhart Tolle fan. Any quote about living in the moment is right up my alley. I’ll go with this one “Realise deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.”


Social Media:

Twitter: @capturedtoshare