Photo Diary – Aqua Alta in Venice

Sadly over the past week Venice has experienced some of it’s worst floods (also known as “aqua alta”) in the past 50 years! They are saying that Basilica San Marco has aged 11 years overnight. All of the damages to peoples homes, businesses, monuments and art will cost billions of dollars to repair. It wasContinue reading “Photo Diary – Aqua Alta in Venice”

Where to find the best gelato in Venice

If you’re looking for the best gelato in Venice? then you’ve come to the right place! I’ve spent the past few months taste testing some of the best (and worse) gelato, to create a list of the top Gelateria’s in Venice.GELATOTECA SUSOCalle della Bissa, 5453, 30124 San Marco, Venezia VE, Italysuso.gelatoteca.itMy all time favourite in VeniceContinue reading “Where to find the best gelato in Venice”

Venice Beach, Los Angeles

The first thing I noticed when we arrived in Venice, was the extravagant colours. On the main promenade down by the beach, most of the buildings are screaming out for customers with vibrant colours. Venice is known for the many performers that feature on the boardwalk. I happened to come across a dance/breakdancing performance byContinue reading “Venice Beach, Los Angeles”